Customer Support

Offering in-house support and advice from our experienced business development team.

Customer support

At Imperial Offices, we aim to bring you the highest standards of service and expertise. Imperial Offices offers fully serviced office accommodation. We provide a range of customer support especially  to early start businesses and for other corporate customers looking to gain an edge over their respective marketplace competitors. A full business incubation service is offered to tenant companies, incorporating a range of business support, training and advisory services.

Our Centres have been designed so that each floor forms a ‘street’ complex which allows tenants to ‘shop’ for services from fellow tenants to aid the development of their businesses. These include expertise in:

Product innovation, design and manufacture marketing and public relations
Corporate design
Human resource development and management
Fund raising and other financial services
Training in a wide range of business related subjects

Service is at the heart of what we do, it is what drives us and sets us apart.
We are so confident in the service we provide, we decided to print our promises in black and white for all to see. It is our belief that you should know what to expect from us so that you can get on with running your business. Our vision is to build the business lifestyle everyone wants. This statement underpins our every decision and we believe that ultimately, this is the foundation of our success.

Setting the Standards

The quality of our work depends on the quality of our people. We select our team members carefully to ensure their values and customer service ideals compliment they way we do business. From recruitment and training to service delivery, we promise to uphold every point outlined in our Values statement. Please do challenge us – you should see these values illustrated at each business centre every minute of every day.

Our Promises

We empower our centre teams to assist clients with a whole host of enquiries, from teabag replenishment to a power failure. We cannot guarantee 100% error-free service but we can promise to deal with any concern quickly and communicate this to you effectively. The promises outlined within our Service Excellence Guide explain what we will do if a business critical service or facility goes down at your centre and what you can expect from your centre team with all your day to day requirements. Your Centre Manager should be your first port of call, but if you think we are falling short of our promises, tell us. We have a dedicated Business Centre Management Team who are happy to help.

Business support and advice

Experienced business advisers are on-site to support clients with a wide range of business issues, with specialist expertise in finance and marketing. Regular business development and training sessions and workshops are held in our conference and meeting rooms to support the development of the high-growth technology companies who are tenants at the Innovation Centre.

Business support is offered to tenants through our in-house team of advisers.

Imperial Offices seeks to support businesses through a number of different programmes including Understanding Finance for Business, Coaching for High Growth and Inspiration for Growth.  To assess how we can help you we regularly acquire feedback and monitoring sessions internally from our in-house support team.

Imperial Offices deliver serviced office space fantastically, but when we launch new products we ensure that our offerings are the very best and at low cost to our clients. Our ethos always has and always will be about providing excellent value for money.

As part of our strategy of working closely with our clients, we have a dedicated Client liaison team and a Director of Business Centres who are tasked with gathering feedback on where our centres are doing well and where we can improve. We also undertake regular formal feedback through our ‘Voice of the Client’ survey.

We strive to always offer leading technology and have spent thousands over the years to ensure our clients have the very best equipment and connectivity to help them stay ahead.

We benefit from supporting our clients and believe if we can help even the smallest company when they grow, they will take more space with us. We also have some of the largest brand names in the world in our building – regardless of size, you’ll receive the same great customer support and service.